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Fire Hydrant Testing

Posted 08/25/23

Photo for Fire Hydrant Testing

The Moundsville Water Board will be working in conjunction with the Marshall County Commission to carry out testing on all fire hydrants in the City of Moundsville. This is a four-phase Fire Hydrant Project sponsored by the Marshall County Commission. The testing of the hydrants is Phase One. The Marshall County Commission has contracted Litman Excavating to undertake the initial testing of the hydrants.


The testing will begin on Monday, August 28th, 2023 and will take place for approximately two weeks, weather permitting. This will occur during the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. A crew will be visible at various hydrants around the City performing the testing.


This hydrant testing will not affect the quality of the water, it will still be the high quality water our customers are accustomed to receiving. However, some residents may experience lower water pressure in areas of town where the flow testing is being completed. Water may also be temporarily discolored. Customers can still safely and confidently use the water during this testing, but are advised to check the water condition before washing clothes.


The Marshall County Commission has purchased a Fire Flow Pro Test Kit from Lewis Municipal Sales in Carmel, Indiana. The reason for this purchase is a four-phase Fire Hydrant Project to be undertaken in Marshall County:


Phase 1:

--Test and record flow data from ALL known fire hydrants in Marshall County. Recalculate GPS coordinates using the Decimal Degree system on top of the hydrant dome,

--Municipal hydrants will be tested & all data will be turned over to the respective councils.


Phase 2:   Repair, upgrade or replace the hydrants found with deficiencies.


Phase 3: 

--Change out threads on hydrants so they are universal throughout the County, enabling all departments to connect to all hydrants.

--Replace threads throughout the entire County.


Phase 4:   Adding hydrants to areas that meet NFPA standards.


If any resident have questions about the Fire Hydrant Project, please contact the Marshall County Commission.